Find Friends_Functions
1.Software registration
The first time you use Friend Locator software you will need to register your user account. Click “Log in/Register” to enter the log in page, as shown:

Click to enter the registration page,fill in the required information (Note: remember to fill in frequently used email account to retrieve your password.) After all required information has been provided, click “register” to complete registration. After registration is completed, the software automatic log in page will jump to your maps to start using the Find Friends software.

2.Adding friends

After you open the Friend Locator software and log in, click on “Friend List” as shown in the picture:

Click “Add Friends” to access the friend adding interface, and enter your friends’ mobile numbers to add them. If their mobile numbers have been registered with Friend Locator, they will be added to your friend list once they accept your friend request. When you turn on Share Mode, you will be able to see your friends’ location information. If your friends’ mobile numbers have not been registered with Friend Locator,” you can use the “Tell Friends” function to share this software with them.

3.Main Interface Map Operations


(1)Main interface right-left arrows: you can use the right-left arrows on the map to quickly locate your friends or meeting places, as shown in the picture:

The pin the middle represents your own location, and shifts with follow mode and compass mode. Follow mode literally means that when the user is moving, the user’s point of location on the map moves along with him/her, making it easier to locate the user’s current location. Compass mode means that shifting mobile maps follow the direction of user movement, providing good direction location when users don’t know where they are on the map or in real geographic locations.

(2)Friend Locator software supports satellite mode, click on the ‘globe” button on the map to alternate between map mode and satellite mode. Satellite mode provides more realistic representations of real-life maps. Please refer to the demonstration below:

(3)Instant Sharing: Instant sharing shows friends on your list whom you are mutually sharing your locations with, as well as your current event list and information. You may use the instant sharing function to quickly locate your friends and the event you are attending. To operate, click the “Instant Sharing button (shown in red in the picture), as shown in the picture below:

4.Dating routes

Steps: Click the expand button on the lower right side of the software homepage, click “Date Routes” on the pop-up screen, and an event pin will appear on the map. Click edit to edit date content information, choose your guests, designate date and time, click save and create the event. As soon as the event is successfully created, the background service system will send event invitations to invited guests. Click Date Routes to obtain current travel routes. Event creators may enter the event editing interface to “delete current event” and delete the date they have set up. Operate according to the pictures shown below:

Specific features please see Find Friends User Manual