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The best and easy-to-use cell phone positioning tool offered in history! It is completely free!

Friends can now instantly share positions to find each other!


Find Friends is a mobile software that offers cell phone, telephone tracking, and instant positioning of a target cell phone or a friend!

1. Product Features:
[Actual Positioning] -Installing this software in your and your friends’ cell phones allows you to instantly sharing positions and show movement tracks. It is a helpful assistant for you to find your friends.
[Multiple Positioning] -It supports multiple positioning, which allows multiple friends to be simultaneously located.
[Accuracy Correction] -In terms of offset issue of maps in Chinese regions, it is corrected in real time for a better accuracy!
[Get Friends Online] -You can “get an offline friend online” by sending a message to your friend. Finding your friend is instant!
[Online Reminder] -You can watch for your friend. When they logon, the system will automatically send a message to you. Interactions between friends are instant!
[Online Chatting] -It supports free online chatting, similar to private messaging and private chatting services. Looking for someone to chat with is more convenient!
[Completely Free] -The software is completely free, with no advertising banners, and guarantees the best experience in user positioning!
[Background Positioning] -It supports background location updates and instant positioning, allowing your friends to find you.
[Sharing Mode] -It allows you to select different sharing modes, depending on relationship types, to protect your privacy.
[Check who is using] -Automatically find friends who use the software and add them manually.
[Cross-platform Support] -This software supports many types of smart-phones, provides iPhone and iPad versions, as well as PC, Mac, and Linux support.
[Multiple Internet Support] -It supports GPS/3G/WIFI/GPRS types of web-based positioning. Its powerful functions allow you to position in a room!
2. Applications:
1. Locating friends’ locations and sharing one’s location.
2. A monitoring tool to track cell phones.
3. Parental use for monitoring children.
4. Instant dates and person finder tool.
3. Our Guarantee:
1. We promise to provide the highest quality for user experiences in positioning services!
2. We humbly accept users’ suggestions and demands to continue improving the software! Please offer us your support, as it is the driving force of our improvements!

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