Frequently Asked Questions
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1What kind of mobile device do I need to use this software?

This software currently supports iPhone and Android mobile devices, as well as the iPad and PC browsers

2Where can I use Friend Locator?

1.If you are meeting friends and can't find where they are on the phone, turn on your applications and you will be able to find them.
2.When you are out with your friends or family, you can turn on their mobile devices and see where they are shopping, where they are stuck in traffic, and how far away they are from home.
3.Standing on your balcony, looking at your mobile map, and watching your family coming towards you is a great feeling.

3Why is location services sometimes inaccurate?

If you are using GPS locating indoors, there is a certain degree of offset because it is a location based service. If you are using GPS locator outdoors, the locator is powered by GPS satellite, which is very accurate.

4Are there any charges while using this software?

This software is completely free, data charges that occur during usage are that of ChinaMobile or ChinaUnicom, and is not occasioned by our company.

5Why can my friend see me on his/her Share Location list, but I can't see him/her?

It most probably has to do with problems in mobile settings on your friend's device. His location data is not in sync on the internet, that is why you can't see him. Your location is in sync, that's why we can all see you! We surmise it is because he has not turned on location services on his mobile device. To turn on location services: open setting, click on "location services" in the functions list, make sure "location services" is on, find "Friend Locator" in the list below, and turn it on.

6Why can't I see my own location?

It might be because your mobile location services have not been turned on. To turn on location services: open setting, click on "location services" in the functions list, make sure "location services" is on, find "Friend Locator" in the list below, and turn it on.

7How do you turn on locations services and data network on Android phones?

1.To turn on location services: enter settings > location and safety > turn on "use wireless network" and "use GPS satellite."
2.To turn on data network: enter settings > wireless and network > mobile network > Turn on data (check) ChinaMobile users: enter Connection point username > choose ChinaMobile > set APN as "cmnet."

8Why is the current map information not detailed?

The map services we are currently using is Google Maps, but they cannot yet provide detailed maps. We are working on ways of improving, thank you for your support, Friend Locator is a way of life!

9How to add friends?

1). Both users must register for this software.
2). After successful registration, access your friend list to add friends.
3). Add friends via your contact list or by entering your friends' registered accounts.
4). Wait for your friends to validate their accounts, in the meantime they will appear as offline
5). After their accounts have been validated, they will appear online, and you can share your location with them.

10The software cannot be installed on some Android phones, what do I do?

Download the Map Services software: download link:Map service file
Create directory:/system/framework/
Create directory:/system/etc/permissions
Create directory:/data/app_s/
Copy /system/framework/;
Copy /system/etc/permissions/;
Copy /data/app_s/NetworkLocation.apk。
Into the corresponding position, there is no folder,please create.
The above document permission must be changed to read & write (note: not the folder permission!!!)
After completing the above and restarting your device, you will find that the software you previously couldn't install can not be used on your mobile device. Even if you don't install Google Maps, your mobile device will still be able to support Location Based Services.
Video channel operation manual:

11I cannot locate out of doors, my map and friend list don't show up, what do I do?

Please make sure you have allowed data services, and have the correct settings. For correct settings please find settings>General>Network on your mobile device, confirm that "cellular data" is on, then enter "cellular data network," set the APN as "cmnet," and leave the username and password blank.